How to get ready for the exam

Read the following passages from "All My Sons". With each passage, try to remember "where you are in the play" and what the speaker is talking about.
pp. 26-27: Mother-Chris (I was fast asleep….for a train that never comes in)

p. 35: Mother (Because certain things…you know I'm right)

pp. 40-41: Keller (The man was a fool…It ain't right)

pp. 44-45: Chris (It takes a little time…And I guess that included you)

pp. 65-66: Keller-Ann-Chris (Seriously, Ann…I didn't mean to yell at you, Annie)

pp. 70-72: George-Chris-Ann (He's a little man…You know in your heart Joe did it)

pp. 73-75: George-Chris-Ann (You know your father…Or are you afraid of the answer?)

pp. 83-84: Keller-George (I'm sad to see he hasn't changed…You understand me, George?)

pp. 90-91: Keller-Chris (You're a boy…Chris, My Chris)

pp. 100-101: Jim (Oh no, he'll come back…Chris is a good son – he'll come back)

pp. 104-105: Ann-Mother-Keller (I'll do nothing about Joe…That's your lonely life)

p. 106: Ann-Mother (Sit down…why wouldn't you believe me?)

p. 107: Chris-Mother (Mother…I'm going now)

p. 108: Chris (What? Do I raise the dead…a zoo