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This year the topic of your project will be "Discrimination against Minority Groups".
Here are the links to the different projects that were handed in by students:
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Here are your guidelines and an assessment form and a powerpoint presentation on how to prepare a powerful powerpoint presentation.

Goals of the project

  1. To find out what it is like to live in a world where you are different from mainstream society.
  2. To find out why minority groups have been and continue to be discriminated against. (research history and background)
  3. To find out about the status of the minority group today and what society has done to bring about any change.
  4. To offer suggestions and recommendations to counteract discrimination and promote the wellbeing and status of minority groups in society.
  5. To work in groups and produce a written paper of your research, findings and   recommendations.
  6. To work in groups to prepare and implement an oral presentation of your research, findings, and recommendations.



  1. In groups, choose a minority group to research.  Discuss the reasons for choosing this particular group.
  2. Research your subject and present a historical background as well as how the group is accepted into mainstream society today.  Include living conditions, job opportunities, opportunities for economic advancement, availability of services to meet their special needs (education, medicine, etc.)
  3. Relate a personal story that illustrates what you have researched.
  4. Present suggestions and recommendations.
  5. Present a list of 5-10 new vocabulary words you learned while working on this project.
  6. Prepare an oral presentation of your research.


Sources: You are required to use at least four to six sources for accessing information in English.  The following sources may be helpful:

  1. Jerusalem Post – on and offline
  2. Haaretz – English edition – on and offline
  6. – English version



  1. All work must be typed , font Tahoma (size 11), Verdana (size 11) or Times New Roman (size 12), space 1.5, margins 2.5 on A4 paper
  2. Written work must be written in paragraph form with topic sentences and transitions from paragraph to paragraph.  Keep it organized and well-developed.
  3. Written presentation must be handed in in a folder and will include:
    1. page 1 – cover page.   It includes a title, the names of the students, the date, the class, and  the teacher’s name.
    2. page 2 – table of contents.  It includes the headings for the different sections and page numbers.  Every page must have a number.
    3. Section 1 –  Introduction ( including why you chose this particular group)
    4. Section 2 – The historical background
    5. Section 3 -  Discussion of the subject’s status today, including an attitude survey which you conducted among your peers, teachers, family etc.
    6. Section 4 – Personal story
    7. Section 5 -   Suggestions and recommendations
    8. Section 6 – Conclustions and Reflections. This section answers the following questions: What did you learn from doing this project that you didn’t know before?  What surprised you? What difficulties did you have in implementing this project?  How would you do it differently next time? What did you like about working on this project? What didn’t you like?  What did you learn about working in a team? What did you learn about yourself?
    9. Section 7 – List new vocabulary words
    10. Section 8 – Bibliography
  4. All research notes and written drafts including CD used for backup must be handed in in a separate folder. Power Point presentations must be handed in two days before presenting.
  5. All work must be handed in on time.  Work handed in late will have points deducted from the final grade.
  6. Oral presentation must be given on the assigned date.  Late presentations will result in a lowering of the final grade.  How your team decides to present your project, depends on how creative you can be.  The more creative, the more interesting and the more interesting, the more we can learn from it, so have fun.


Project organization:  Most of the work for the project will be done in class.  You will have to research your topic at home or in the library and come with your materials to class.  Make sure you back up your work with CD's or on a disk on key and that each team member has a copy of all the work up to date.  There will be no excuse for not working in class when a team member is absent. Divide the work, but be responsible to check and edit each other.


Assessment:  You will be assessed on both process (team work, class work) and product (written paper, poster or story board and oral presentation).  Use the rubrics and checklists to help guide you in your work.


Written Presentation Checklist

  • The content shows evidence of having read about the topic.
  • The rationale and thoughts of the group are conveyed effectively.
  • The work is organized into cohesive and coherent paragraphs.
  • Each paragraph focuses on a main idea and are all related to the main topic.
  • Suggestions and recommendations show evidence of having understood the researched information and its implications.
  • The written work has been edited for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • The written work has been typed neatly on A4 white paper double spaced.
  • The written work is organized, easy to read, comprehensible and aesthetic.


Group Work Checklist

  • The group worked consistently to complete tasks.
  • The group shared ideas and listened to each other.
  • The group divided the tasks evenly and appropriately among the members.
  • The group showed responsibility by coming prepared to class and completing the assigned tasks.

Presentation Rubric


Name: ______________________                      Teacher:  ____________________

Date: _______________________                     Title of Work:_________________


*Group work = 15pts                      Criteria




1. The written work is missing one or more parts. Parts are disorganized.

2. The work is plagiarized and not summarized.

3. The written work does not show understanding of the topic and the process of conducting a survey.

4. Work was handed in very late.



(5-14 pts)

1. The written work relates partly to the topic.  Parts are somewhat disorganized or missing.

2. The work shows knowledge of summarization skills.

3. Written work  shows some understanding of topic and process of conducting a survey.

4. Work was handed in shortly after due date .





1. All written work relates to the topic.

2. The work shows excellent ability to summarize.

3. Written work shows a genuine understanding of the topic and the process of conducting a survey.

4. Work was handed in on time and included the cover, table of contents, page numbers, and bibliography.




















(- 30 pts)















1. There are many grammar  mistakes. Grammar is on a basic level.

2. There are many spelling mistakes.

3. Vocabulary is on a basic level only.



1. There are several grammar  mistakes. Grammar is on an intermediate level.

2. There are several spelling errors.

3. Vocabulary level is basic to intermediary.


1. There are no grammar mistakes.Grammar is on a proficiency level.

2. There are no spelling errors.

3. Vocabulary is proficient.













(- 30 pts)
















1. audio-visuals were disorganized and unclear.

2. Presenters were disorganized and difficult to follow.

3. Oral presentation was was not ready on its due date.



0-10 pts




1. audio-visuals were somewhat organized  and aesthetic.

2. Presenters showed that they had rehearsed and presentation was easier to follow.

3. Oral presentation was not ready on its due date but had teacher’s approval.

11-17 pts




1. audio-visuals were organized, clear, aesthetic, and easy for the class to understand and follow.

2. Oral presentation was ready and presented on time.




18-25 pts.

















Group Members ___________________________________________________________________


Lesson Plans and Daily Group Work Assessment

Date:  ___________________________

What we accomplished: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


What we plan to accomplish: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Group Work Checklist





POINTS (15pts)

Group members work consistently to complete tasks.




Group members shared ideas and listened to each other.  Tasks were divided fairly among the group members.




Group members came prepared, having brought and completed all of the assigned homework.





















































































































































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