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Preparation for the Oral Bagrut

Practice for the English "Oral Bagrut"



  Speak politely!

                                     "Excuse me?"

                                     "Could you repeat that, please?"

                                     "If you don't mind, I'd rather not talk about that."   (Only for personal matters.)

Remember NOT to speak Hebrew

You are allowed to ask the tester to "rephrase"/or "repeat" the question, but DO NOT do it more than once or twice.

DO NOT walk into the test with a chewing gum!!!!!


Part I - Interview (40%)

Tell me something about yourself?

Tell me about your family and what they do.

What is your favorite subject? Why do you like it?

What is your major / 5 point subject(s)?  

What do you like to do in your free time / after school? Tell me about your hobbies at present and in the past.

Have you ever had a job?

What do you watch on TV?

How does TV affect our lives?

Do you have a pet? Tell me about it.

Are you a member of a youth movement? What can you tell me about it?                             

What are your plans for the future?  What are you going to do after high school?

Tell me about a book you’ve read / a film or play you have seen. Did you like it? Why?

How do you celebrate your birthday?

Tell me about the kind of music you like to listen to

Do you think schools prepare students for the real world? Why?

Do you think studying English is important? Why?

Are you in favor of or against an oral exam in English?

Tell me about a person you admire.

 Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Give examples.

Tell me about the happiest day in your life

Tell me about a film you have seen/ a book you have read

Have you ever been abroad? Tell me about your trip

What kind of food do you like?

Tell me about your city

Describe a regular day of your life to me

If you could be the principal of this school, what would you change and why?

What can we do to help new immigrants? Old people?


Army Vocabulary and More

to join the army  להתגייס לצבא

to be drafted  להתגייס

a draft notice צו גיוס  

the IDF ( Israeli Defense Forces)צבא הגנה לישראל

the air force חיל האוויר  -  the navy חיל הים  -  the infantry חיל רגלים -  the paratroops- חיל הצנחנים  / a paratrooper-צנחן  -  the artillery חיל תותחנים  -  the intelligence Corps חיל המודיעין  -  the medical Corpsחיל רפואה  -  

to be a medic להיות  חובש 

a combat unit יחידה קרבית  - an army unit יחידה צבאית

basic trainingטירונות  -   training base בסיס אימונים

to do your duty לעשות חובתך  - to contribute לתרום  -  to do my share לעשות את חלקי

recruitment office לשכת גיוס  -  recruitment   גיוס  -  to recruit  new soldiers לגייס חיילים חדשים

the service is compulsory שרות חובה

National Service שירות לאומי

Pre-army service year שנת שרות  

to get an exemption לקבל פטור  -  to be exempted from להיות פטור ממשהו

to have a high / low profile פרופיל גבוה / נמוך

The academic reserve עתודה 

a commander מפקד  -        an officer  קצין

 a routine job תפקיד שגרתי  -   a worthwhile job תפקיד בעל ערך




Part II - Project  (60%)

Present your project. (3 minutes)


Introduction –

·         Why did you choose the topic?

·         What was your research question?

Body –

·         What resources did you use to gather your information?

·         Were there any problems that arose during your investigation?

·         What did you discover?

·         What surprised you?

Conclusion –

·         What conclusion can be drawn from your findings?

·         Which questions remain unanswered?

·         If you could conduct further research on the topic, what would you like to learn more about?































Discuss your project. (2 minutes)

The tester will ask you one or two questions. Examples of questions he / she might ask:

1)      How did you or your group choose this topic?

2)      What interests you about the topic?

3)      What was the most interesting thing that you learned about your topic?

4)      What new information did you gain from doing the project?

5)      What new skills did you learn from doing the project?

6)      How did you divide the tasks / work among your group members?

7)      Name two sources you used.

8)      Where did you find your sources?

9)      What did you enjoy about doing the project? What did you find difficult about doing the project?

10)  What was the most difficult part of doing this project?  How did you overcome it?

11)  What else would you like to know about the topic?

12)  What would you have done differently?

13)  How did you present your project to your classmates?

14)    Why did you or your group choose this topic?

15)    How did you divide the tasks / work among your group members?