On this page you can find links to the literature we are going to read during the coming school year.

How to get ready for the bagrut exam and the mock test:

- Read your notes
- For each story and for the play, go over the questions in the book (the ones that were discussed in class) 
- Have a thorough look at the tests that you took, see and understand which mistakes you made
- Make sure you know the characters, plot, setting, main theme(s) of the play and the stories
- Read the background information about the authors (if you have time, browse through the entries on each of them on Wikipedia, but only if you have time)
- Make sure you know the relevant HOTS: Comparing and contrasting – Distinguishing Different Perspectives – 
  Explaining Cause and Effect – Explaining Patterns – Inferring – Uncovering Motives - Problem Solving
- Read the stories once.
- Remember that when answering "why you use a specific thinking skill" you must expain "how you used it"!!! Your 
  answer must be exact and probably longer than just two lines.

Here below you can find two power point presentations (prepared by my wonderful friend Judi):
1) How to answer the bridging task
2) Examples from bagrut questions and answers.

Good Luck to all of you!
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