test review

(11th Gr)                     Date: __________________________________


Test Review

Last Monday at 6:30 in the morning all the 11th graders 1)________________ (meet) at the entrance to school. After 2)______________ (check) attendance the teacher noticed that two students 3)_______________________(still miss). She asked, "4)_______________________(anybody / see) Ori and Koral? Unless they 5)_______________(show) up soon, we 6)_________ ___________ (leave) without them!" Luckily at that moment the two of them showed up.

During the bus ride Southwards everybody kept 7)_______________ (ask), "Where 8)_________________(go) today? What 9)________________(do) if it 10)________ (start) raining?" At the end they 11)_________________(tell) by Barak that  they 12)______________________(visit) Massada and then go to the Bedouin village. On Massada the students 13)____________________ (catch) some locusts, saw a beautiful rainbow and watched some nice performances. The moment they 14)_____________________(safely get) back to the buses, it 15)_______________ (begin) to rain and rain and rain….. Can you imagine what 16)__________________________ (happen) if the rain 17)______________ (start) an hour earlier?

By the time the buses 18)__________________(arrive) at Kfar Hanokdim, 19)______________________(rain) cats and dogs. Everybody wished the rain 20)___________(stop) but it went on and on. Although the students 21)_____________________(keep on / complain),  at the end they 21)____________________(enjoy) themselves a lot. By midnight everybody was fast asleep. And the teachers? The teachers kept saying,"Although the rain is annoying, it also has certain advantages. If it 22)________________(not rain), the students 23)________________ (probably / not stay) in the tents."

Next morning the sun 24)________________(shine), breakfast was great and with renewed forces  we began a new day of asking ourselves how we 25)_________________(spend) the day if the rain 26)___________________(not stop).

NO, dear students, that’s not a time machine to the future, that’s a description of the school trip 5 years ago. And now you 27) _______________(may/begin/ask) yourselves, “what 28)________________ (happen) if it 29)_______________(rain) on our school trip?” And if you 30)__________(ask) me, I 31)____________(answer), “I wish it 32)__________(rain) every night…..”