Past Perfect

A Work Page – Tense Review


Fill in with the correct form of the verb

Steve was very busy at the office. At 10:15 he ____________________(already / make) eleven phone calls. By 11:15, he _____________________(write) three reports on an accident, a hold up and a bomb scare. At 12:00, he ______________(arrive) at the airport. The week before he ______________(arrange) an interview with a British  Airways representative. Unfortunately, the man ______________(be) late. Steve _______________(be) hungry but he _____________________(cannot go) to lunch until he ________________(interview) the representative, so he only __________________(buy) a cheese sandwich. The representative finally ____________________(arrive) at 12:45. He _________________(just come) from an important meeting. By the time he ____________________ (answer) all of Steve's questions,         it

_____________ (be) 13:30, and at 14:15 Steve ______________(have) another appointment in town. At 15:00 o'clock, he  still __________________(not have) any lunch, so he ___________ (buy) another cheese sandwich.

He finally _______________(finish) work at 18:30, tired and hungry. He was looking forward to a good meal at home, hut when he _______________(arrive) home, Jill, his wife, ____________________     (go out). There was a note for him on the kitchen table, "Gone out. Cheese sandwiches in the fridge."