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                 1.   To enrich your vocabulary

  1. To provide opportunities to express yourself and speak in English
  2. To develop your ability to read and understand different types of written texts.
  3. To introduce short stories and poems written by English-speaking writers.
  4. To develop reading skills through independent reading (extensive reading)
  5. To develop writing skills
  6. To learn how to use grammatical structures correctly
  7. To learn skills required for preparing a project.
  8. To learn presentation skills: for example, how to introduce a project in front of an audience
  9. To learn how to use the dictionary
  10. To enjoy music, films, television, discussions and lectures in English



  1. Grammar:  Modals, semi-modals, review of present simple and progressive; past simple and progressive; future tenses; temporals; present perfect simple; past perfect simple; 1st conditional; passive; relative pronouns, basic reported speech, questions; the correct use of prepositions
  2. Writing:  Writing a letter and a composition expressing an opinion or describing an event/person/place, and a book review in 3 paragraphs, 120 words
  3. Reading Comprehension: looking for main ideas; drawing conclusions; enriching your vocabulary based on a written test; learning strategies for answering Unseen questions
  4. Literature:  Short stories and poetry
  5. Extensive Reading:  Improving your fluency in English through independent reading of 3 books chosen by the student (with the agreement of the teacher).
  6. Project:  Using various sources to write an in-depth, structured paper on a specific topic.


        1.        Results for Four Points  - Student's book and practice book

2.      Grammar in Focus

3.      Oxford English-English Hebrew Dictionary

4.      Extensive Reading books

5.      The Internet


         Tests (or Project)                               40%

         Quizzes                                           20%

         Unseens                                           25%

          Homework and class work                15%


These percentages may change depending on the number of quizzes and assignments given during the semester.