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This year you are going to do a project about a Non-profit Organization (ארגון ללא מטרות רווח). 

Most of the project will be prepared in class, in groups of 4. You should choose an organization you are familiar with (maybe a place where you volunteered in the past). Here you can read what you are expected to do. Further instructions will be given in class.

You can also find an explanation on how to prepare a good powerpoint presentation as an attachment file.

Analysing a Nonprofit Organization* and Designing   Advertisements


The final project will include the following components:

1) A written report 

2) A storyboard or poster

3) Advertising slogans

4) A powerpoint presentation which will be presented to the class


The written report will include:

a) an Id-card of the NGO

b) a description of the NGO (1page), including its history, vision and goals (1-2 pages)

b) details of the NGO: place, number of customers, financial situation (income, donors, etc. but not in depth) (1 page)

c) an interview with at least one person who works / volunteers at the NGO (20 questions and answers) (1 page)

d) a survey conducted among the customers connected to customer satisfaction (1 page)

e) analysis of c) and d)  (1 page)

f) PR ideas and creative designs, based on c) and d) (1 page)

g) conclusions (personal reflections of each student –1page each)



Group Work: 10 %

Personal contribution (including reflections): 15 %

Written Report: 30 %

Power Point Presentation: 30 %

Poster or Story Board: 15 %


Nonprofit organizations = NGO's, or example: a soccer club, Matnas, Latet, Time Bank, ELEM, Yad Sara, Hecht Museum, Women Shelter, Wizo, Beit Ruth, Beit Hagefen, Perach Lenizol, old-age homes, etc.


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