Past Simple - Past Perfect

A Work page - Past Perfect Simple (1)


A. Fill in with the Past Simple or Past Perfect Simple.

1. The class ______________(clean up) the room before the teacher ________________(arrive) .

2. It _____________(begin) to rain before they _______________(get)   home.

3. He _______________________ (arrive) at the party after most of the people _____________________

   __________________________________(already/leave) .


4. By the time we __________________(arrive), the concert ______________________(start) .

5. The boys __________________________(never see) snow before their trip to the Hermon.

6. The secretary ________________(not yet complete) the report when the boss  ___________________(arrive).

7. The police ________________ (close) off the street where the murder _______________ (take) place a few hours earlier.

8. We ________________ (play) soccer yesterday. Amir ______________ (be) very good even though he __________________ (not/ play) soccer before.

9. The baby _________________(have) a cold for a week before her parents ______________________ (call) the doctor.

10. She __________________ (find) the pen that she __________________ (lose) the day before.

11. She finally __________________ (return) the book she _____________________(borrow) the week before.

12. The exam ________(be) much easier than we _________________ (expect) .

13. They ___________________(finish) eating dinner by the time my uncle ___________________ (come) home.

14. By the time I _________________ (find) the right dress to wear, my friends __________________ (already leave).


B: Write the questions

1. ____________________________________________________________

     Yes, she had known him for a long time before they got married.

2. ____________________________________________________________

     No, I hadn't heard of that book before I read the book review in the newspaper.

3. ____________________________________________________________

   I had studied for many years before I came here.

4. ____________________________________________________________

     Yes, the students had completed the project before they began their holiday.


C. Rewrite the sentences by using the past perfect

1. First the police  arrested the robbers. Then they were brought to trial.


2. The jury was presented with all the evidence. Only then they were able to reach a decision.

    Until the jury wasn’t___________________________________________________________________

3. First we wanted to get all the information about the school. Only then we made up our minds.