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Addiction - Word Families

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A Workpage – Addictions



Noun                        Adjective                     Adverb               Verb

Addiction, addict       addictive, addicted                                  

Harm                         harmful, harmless                                    harm

Concentration                                                                            concentrate

Anxiety                      anxious                       anxiously

Alcohol, alcholic       alcoholic

Rehabilitation                                                                             rehabilitate

dependence             dependent (on)            dependently          depend (on)

independence          independent                 independently

effect                        effective                       effectively

                                 affected                                                     affect

abuse                        abusive                                                     abuse



Addict: Nicotine and Alcohol are 1)_______________ substances. You can easily become 2)_____________ to them. – Drug 3)_________________ often results in death.

Harm: People believe that one cigarette a day won’t do any 1)___________. They believe that this is a 2)____________ habit. They don’t realize that most people won’t smoke only one cigarette but will increase the amount of cigarettes they smoke although it will 3)______________ their health.

Concentrate: She has 1)______________ problems in school. She finds it very difficult to 2)_______________ on the material.

Anxiety: She is so 1)________________ about succeeding in the test that she can’t sleep at night. She is in a state of high 2)______________.

Alcohol: Many teenagers believe that 1)______________ drinks will make them feel great. They don’t know that a large amount of 2)_____________ often causes dizziness and nausea. Most people throw up after having drunk too much.

Rehabilitate: There aren’t enough drug 1)_________________ centers in Israel. It is a known fact that a high percentage of people who were so-called 2)___________________ fall back into taking drugs within two years.

Depend: She 1)_____________ on her friends for help. She can’t deal with her problems 2)________________. Her 3)________________ is such that we think she should get professional help. She must become 4)_________________.

Effect: We learned a lot about the 1)____________ and side-2)___________ of drugs. I hope that these lessons will be 2)______________.

Affect: My goal was to show you how badly drugs 1)_____________ people. I hope that you were 2)_______________ by the story of Stefanie and all the other things we learned.

Abuse: It is a sad fact that children who were 1) _______________ as children are more likely to become 2)______________ parents. Despite the many laws child ______________is still a widely spread phenomenon.