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Instructions for Group Work on Addictions

Stage 1:

Decide on who you want to work with (3-4 students), Sit together and brainstorm different addictions. Decide together which addiction you want to research.

Send me an e-mail with your topic and the names of all group members.

Stage 2:

Prepare an ID-card for the addiction you are researching. The ID-card has to include 5 important facts (e.g. name, population / age group mainly affected, 3 other important facts)

Stage 3:

Collect information: find out more about the addiction (who gets addicted, how do they get addicted, how does the addiction impact their own lives and the lives of their family and friends), Write about prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in Israel. Choose one of the following: either conduct a survey on how much people know about it and analyze your findings and reach conclusions or interview an addict or a family member of an addict  and write his personal story

Stage 4:

Write  your research paper.

 page 1:   cover page

 page 2:   table of content

 page 3:   introduction

 page 4: ID-card

page 5-7: theoretical background, your research, findings, conclusions (you may offer suggestions and recommendations to counteract addiction at school or in society).

page 8-9: personal reflections (half a page for each student)

page 10:   bibliography

Stage 5: Oral presentation: prepare a powerpoint presentation and present your project.


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