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Present Perfect

Present Perfect 1

A. Fill in with the present simple or present perfect simple

1. Many students ____________(use the passive) at the film department . He _________  ________________ there this week. (register)

2. That producer ____________ only documentaries. He ____________ documentaries   of some of the most famous places in the world. (make)

 3. Sandra _________  but she _________ never _______ the guitar. (play)

 4. Mr. Bar-Yosef __________ film scripts. He _____________ many scripts.  (write)

 5. That photographer always __________ on interesting subjects . He _____________         the Ethiopian child's face and eyes during the whole interview. (focus)

 6. Grey __________ animals. She _______ this dog for many years. (keep)

 7. They _________ to the theatre almost every week. They ________  there at least ten times since he started studying. (go)


B. Recently / lately: Question = present perfect; Answer = Past simple

EXAMPLE: Have you seen Joe lately? (yesterday) Yes,I saw him yesterday.

1.           ___________________ (you / read) any good books lately ?

    (last week) ___________________________________________________________

2. ____________________________(the Prime Minister / speak) on the radio recently ? (last night) _____________________________________________________________

3. _______________________________ (your relatives from Ashdod / visit) you lately ? (on Saturday) ________________________________________________________

4. ______________________________ (the Browns / have) any news of John recently ? (a few days ago) _______________________________________________________


C. . Fill with the present perfect simple, past simple, past progressive

1. I _____________(write) to him many times, but he never replies.

2. I _____________(just meet) the new principal and I am very impressed.

3. Mrs. Benedict _____________(cook) when Nick _________(arrive).

    When she ____________(hear) him, she ____________(turn) off the oven

   and ___________(run) to the front door.

4. Flo ______________________(already do) her homework. When are you going to finish yours?

5. I _____________(never see) such a beautiful movie. When Terry  ________   (call) me yesterday I _____________(not want) to go, but  she finally ______________(convince) me and I _________(be) glad she  ________(do) because I _____________(have) a wonderful time.

Present Perfect 2

D. Fill in with the present perfect, past simple

 There ____________ (be) a lot of accidents on the main road to the south lately and some experts ___________________(ask) by the Ministry of Transport to study the problem carefully. Last month, no less than twenty people ________ (be) injured there, and  the number of those hurt there this month __________ _________ (already/reach) a dozen. I _______________ (have to) take that road  several times lately, and I always feel rather nervous when I travel on it.


E. Fill in with the past simple, present simple, present perfect,

I 1)__________________________(start, just) reading “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. I 2) _____________________(read, never) anything by him before, though people 3)______________________(tell, often) me he is an excellent writer. I 4)___________________(take) the book out of the library the day before yesterday and I 5)______________________(reach, already) the middle of the book. I 6)________________(fall) asleep with the book in my hand last night and my moteher 7)______________________(pick) it up off the floor when she 8)_______________(come) into my room to switch off the light.


F. Fill in with all tenses

One day, while I ____________(sit) in a cafe, a man ________(come) over to my table and __________(ask) me;"_________________(I/may/sit) down?" While we _________________(speak) for some time, we _________(find) out that we had once met in Europe. He ________(say);"I ___________(arrive) here two weeks ago and I ______________(not make) up my mind yet whether or not to stay here. ____________________(you think) that  it ___________________(be) difficult to find a job and an apartment where I __________________(can / stay) for some time?"


G. Fill in with all tenses

1.  When I first__________(meet) him, he _______(speak) very little English. However, in the last few months he __________(make) considerable progress and now he ____________(speak) fluently.

2. I _____________(not receive) a letter from her since she  ___________ (change) her address. I _____________(wait) to hear from her because I _____________(want/know) how they ___________(feel) in their new flat.



Present Perfect 3

H. Fill in with since or for

Dear Prudence,

We have been in Plymouth _____ 1625. That means that you and I  haven't seen each other _____ five years. I have missed all of you  very much. I would like you to write more often. We haven't heard  from you _____ ages, not _____ last year, in fact.

Not much has happened _____ my last letter to you. The weather has  been very cold _____ the past three months, and there has been snow  on the ground _____ November. I don't remember whether I wrote you this, but Patrick has been chairman of the council _____ the past year. He has been very busy with public affairs _____ his election.

 Patience has had a bad fever _____ a few days, and has not left  the house    _____ Monday. She hasn't been in good health _____ last winter, in fact.

The settlement is beginning to look like a village. Many people  have joined us here _____ 1625. We have had a school _____ two years. Patrick has wanted to write to you _____ months, but he hasn't had  time. He asks to be remembered to everyone back home, and I, too, send my warm regards to all.

Your sister Faith


I. Fill in with all tenses

 My brother _______________(sleep) when I _________(get) up this        morning.  While I _______________(shake) him for three or four times, he finally ___________  (open) his eyes and ________(ask):" What _____  (be) the time?" Seeing that there ________(be) very little time left, he ________(get) dressed as fast as he _________(can). Fortunately, this _______________(happen) only once since the new school year __________ (begin).


J. Rewrite the following sentences using the words given in brackets

1. Nick became a fan of mystery stories about five years ago. (for)                ______________________________________________________________

2. They got married three weeks ago. (for)


3. I didn't see a movie during the last year. (since last winter)


4. She hasn't done any creative work for a long time. (since)

     It __________________________________________________________

5. How long has Sandra known Bob? (When / meet)

Present Perfect 4

3rd Use: We use the present perfect when we speak about a past action but the time hasn’t ended yet.

Example: He has worked hard this week. בעברית בעבר, הוא עבד קשה השבוע.          

                He has fed his dog this morning. (the morning / day hasn’t ended yet)

K. Choose the correct tense

1.           Bob has cleaned / cleaned the cafeteria floor this morning.

2.           The producer asked / has asked the team to rehearse twice this week.

3.           She hasn’t  seen / didn’t see the movie yesterday evening

4.           We haven’t had / didn’t have much homework last month.


L. Fill in with the correct tense

1. It __________(not stop) raining since I ________(come) here. Perhaps I ____________(exaggerate), but it _______________(rain) every day this week.

2.           She ________________________ (prepare) her homework this morning and therefore she _________________ (go) out with her friends now.

3.           I _____________________(already / spend) all my pocket money. I _____________(be) to too many parties this month…


M. Fill in the correct form of the verbs

My friends and I (recently begin)____________________ to do volunteer work in the community. When we first (think) ______________ of the idea we (not know)___________________ how to start so we (ask) ________________ our teacher. She (say) ____________, “If you really (want) _____________ to help, you (modal, contact) ________________ an old age home. However, if you (not be) _______________ serious, (not waste) _________________ their time.”

While we (walk)_____________________ home from school one day we (see) ________________ a sign outside a new building in the neighborhood .On the sign (write)_____________________ the words Golden Ages Home.

The manager of the home (explain) ___________________ what kind of work (need) ________________ .After we (speak) ____________ with him , we (convince) ___________________ that we (make) ____________ the right choice. If you (have) _____________ some free time and you (want) ________________ to cheer someone up, you (modal try) ____________________ volunteer work.