10th Grade

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And here is the 10th Grade Syllabus:

10th Grade Five Points Advanced


 Goals and Objectives:

  1. The student will be able to comprehend and analyze information from various sources (textbooks, the Internet, newspapers etc.).
  2. The student will be able to convey ideas and information both orally and in writing in an organized and accurate manner using appropriate vocabulary.
  3. The student will be able to comprehend and interpret selected works of literature in English. 
  4. The student will be able to work both individually and cooperatively in pairs and groups.


 Grammar: Review of tenses learned so far; past and perfect tenses; expressing the future; the passive; questions; relative clauses; reported speech; conditional sentences; punctuation.

  1. Vocabulary: based on the textbook, plus handouts; particular attention will be paid to collocations and phrasal verbs.
  2. Writing: Expressing your opinion, describing an event/ a person (biography) / a place, and writing a letter.
  3. Reading Comprehension: Looking for main ideas, drawing conclusions, making inferences  and expanding your vocabulary, based on written texts. 
  4. Literature: Understanding the setting, structure, tone, themes, narrative voice and character development in short stories and poems in English.
  5. Extensive Reading:  Improving fluency in English through the independent reading of three books chosen by the student (and approved by the teacher).
  6. How to use a dictionary
  7. Group Project (including presentation/speaking skills: learn to express an opinion or argument accurately, present a topic to an audience (including Power Point presentation)).

 Books and Resources:

  1. Oxford Student Dictionary – English-English-Hebrew.
  2. Extensive reading books.
  3. Master Class Student’s Book + Practice Book, by Edna Assis, (Eric Cohen Books, 2008).
  4. Literature for 5 Points, Option 1 (Eric Cohen Books, 2010)
  5. New Practical Grammar for Proficiency, by Marcelle Dray, Jean Koren, and Tami Ronen (Eric Cohen Books, 2006).
  6. The Internet


  1. The correct books must be brought to each class. Students are not allowed to share books unless specified by the teacher.
  2. Assignments should be turned in on the due date. Only up to TWO late assignments will be accepted in the course of a semester, by previous arrangement with the teacher.
  3. Homework is an essential component in the language acquisition process. As such, it will be collected at random and assessed. Students who do not do their homework more than twice a semester will be penalized.  

Assessment*:                                                               Grade:

Examinations / Project                                                    40%

Quizzes                                                                           20%

Writing assignments                                                        20%

Extensive reading                                                            10%

Attitude (class work and homework)                                10%

 *Percentages may change slightly in accordance with the number of quizzes/assignments given during the semester.